My desire has always been to help people reach their highest level of self confidence. I believe that my path in life has lead me where I am today; the joy and self love I see is enriching and expansive. 

Prior to training as a hypnotherapist my career was as a costumer for television and film. I would deal with peoples emotion's daily, however could not listen to them in or take the time in a way they needed me to. I experience now a very real satisfaction in guiding someone towards a more fulfilling self and life. It's amazing.

 Moving forward I focused on healing professions that would allow me to continue to grow and learn about human behaviors so when I discovered hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology I knew it was for me.

I know in this world today we are faced with tremendous opportunities for growth at every turn which can be painful if you allow it to be. I too must do the work that keeps my body mind and spirit aligned. 

I First became interested in spirituality many years ago, I  have discovered the connection between mind ,body and spirit through much self trial. I am deeply moved by the teachings of eastern and western philosophy as well as people's personal stories of overcoming challenges they never thought they would or could. I am an easy listener, and resonate well with others I am dedicated to guiding you through the unfamiliar territory of self,I want you  to heal, I know you can and will be with you along the way.



Certified Hypnotherapist and integrative wellness life coach

Continued studies in Addiction and Transpersonal psychology