Hypnotherapy positively programs the subconcious mind while uncovering beliefs that keep you from thriving in any area of life. If you want to begin the process of change this is a positive start. You are invited to experience a safe container through compassionate deep listening and collaborative awareness to achieve a healthy balanced mind body and spirit.

Holistic hypnotherapy is to assist a change in behavior or habit patterns, which we acquired and conflict with our own ideals. Hypnotherapy is used to heal these old patterns and support the mind in a new direction.
Under hypnosis, the conscious, rational part of the brain is temporarily bypassed, making the subconscious part, which influences mental and physical functions, receptive to therapy. During the trance state positive suggestions that we create together based on your desired results are given for the purpose of maximizing potential, changing limiting beliefs and behaviors and gaining insight and wisdom. You are always in control, you may appear to give up control , but you are really shifting control from the concious level to another part of your self.
The brain waves associated with quiet, receptive states are called alpha waves. In alpha states, the body gradually relaxes. Hypnosis, meditation, day dreaming, being absorbed in a book or music or television, driving and arriving at your destination without recalling all the usual landmarks etc. are good examples of alpha states.

 What I offer as a hypnotherapist is attentive guidance and support. I am able to read energy and advise on how to move through your situation with awareness. I remain open to allow for intuititive downloads to help facilitate our session, to explore what is calling you to be what you were meant to be now. I believe we are always being called to be in fullness of our gifts and talents. You begin where you are with what you have.