HOLISTIC HEALING OF MIND BODY AND SPIRIT with neuroscience, psychology and spirituality.

Holistic hypnotherapy is to assist a change in behavior or habit patterns, which we acquired and conflict with our own ideals. Hypnotherapy is used to heal these old patterns and support the mind in a new direction.

 What I offer as a hypnotherapist is attentive guidance and support. I am able to read energy and advise on how to move through your situation with awareness.

I remain open to allow for intuititive downloads to help facilitate our session, to explore what is calling you to be what you were meant to be now. I believe we are always being called to be in fullness of our gifts and talents. You begin where you are with what you have.

Awakening to your true nature.

I invite you to experience what it feels like to own yourself, your thoughts, your actions.

Here is a short meditation to help guide you to your word for the day