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Holistic Hypnotherapy is about the mind, body and spirit connection. The aim is to bring awareness to our thinking, feeling and beliefs while shifting what no longer supports us.

Hypnotherapy gently guides you into alignment with a deeper part of yourself that wants you to truly thrive in your day to day life. Hypnotherapy is an alternative approach that uses your present resources and strengths to further accomplish meaningful goals. 

"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, and extraordinary quality of relaxation and this allows for an immediate softening of mental defenses which creates a desire to satisfy the newly suggested positive behavior." Gil Boyne

What I offer as a hypnotherapist is attentive guidance and support. I stay open to allow for intuition to help facilitate our session,to explore what is calling you to be more of who you are. I believe we are all worthy of love and kindness from ourselves. We begin where we are with what we have.

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“ Words go into the body. They can cause us to be well and hopeful and high energy and wondrous and funny and cheerful”

Maya Angelou



A typical session begins by listening to your story, what brought you here and what changes you want to see in your life. You do not have to know exactly what you want sometimes it's just to feel better in mind, body, spirit. 

I then guide you into a quiet reflective trance where we simply dialogue on what naturally arises from the state of quiet. The session continues with uncovering and discarded what no longer serves you.

It is a mystical art. A creative process that is tailored to your individual self. Being open minded and surrendering into the process brings you that much closer to answers, realizations, moments of clarity, peaceful resolution and self understanding.



Dana Griffin was born and raised in Los Angeles,California and has been an intuitive since early childhood. Dana is ,a deep listener and a true guide, dedicated to the wellbeing of her clients. Her approach is sincere, honest, present and full of light. Awareness of the energy that surrounds us and the ability to tune into that and speak from her heart is what allows her to help others move toward healing and change. Her own spiritual wellness journey began 17 years ago, when she realized much of her life was consumed with the battle of alcohol, toxic relationships and the effects of adverse childhood experiences. Dana's deep dive into her own recovery from a helpless sate of mind, body and spirit has filled her with a deep compassion, connection and understanding.

Dana Griffin is committed to restoring her clients to balance, health and happiness through this transformational work.




These are some example of what I work on Stress, anxiety, codependency, family issues ,motivation, sobriety, addiction, health concerns, eating, cluttering ,time issues, creative blocks, learning to listen to self, breathing, grounding, meditation.   

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Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Integrative wellness and life coaching 

Reiki 1 and 2 certification

Areas of continued study:

Inner Child Work

Addiction Studies/Counselor

Parts Therapy

Chinese Medicine

Body Work








”To experience Dana’s presence on any level is magnetic. She is this energetic light force that shines so brightly and with such grace; all the while, reflecting both compassion and great wisdom. Every therapy session I’ve done with Dana is transformative, heart opening and enlightening. Integrating hypnotherapy into our sessions, Dana not only provides a very safe environment but also has a natural, intuitive sense in creating a genuine feeling of trust in the room in order to help your mind and body let go comfortably. To be candid, I at first was a bit skeptical by the thought of being hypnotized, but after working with Dana I now see the immense importance and benefits of this field as a profound map to serious deep rooted healing. Those who have not tried hypnotherapy might find it intimidating. I found the contrary to be true... it’s quite relaxing and a very powerful, sensible space for honest reflections into breaking down the diagnosis. Above all, Dana has this incredible ability to listen and take in information in an astute and sensitive way, while rooting one’s current experiences into a larger framework. The work I have done with Dana has been invaluable to my growth and awareness in continuing to live mentally mindful, loving and approving of myself. I leave our sessions feeling inspired, energized, and understood with a better sense of clarity and focus. She is a divine healer and a gifted being that I so highly recommend to anyone.
— Shelby Duncan -Photographer
Recent stressful events affected how I feel about myself.  The issues of self-doubt and dissatisfaction with myself have cropped up.  In the hypnotherapy session with Dana, I have worked on these issues. Dana’s gentle and compassionate voice led me into a subtle trance where I met my younger inner-child self and a future wise self.  It was a loving, encouraging, and healing experience, where I was re-assured that I have the full support of the Universe and my soul, that I possess all the necessary inner resources to succeed, and that I am doing everything right. My older wiser self also assured me that any failures that I may perceive as mistakes are necessary for me to experience in order to learn what I need for my soul journey. I left the session feeling at peace with myself and my life and loving who I am and who I am becoming.  Thank you, Dana, for this beautiful and kind session.

Staas - Web designer
— Staas-Web Designer
Wow!! This was my first time doing hypnotherapy and I didn’t know what to expect but Dana was absolutely great. She gently guided me through the whole session and made me feel comfortable. She is a confident and powerful woman with so much insight. I came into the session wanting to work on my tendency to procrastinate and I left my session fully motivated and ready to take on the world. I am definitely coming back to Dana to help me remove more blocks from my subconscious so that I can be more successful in my life.
— Dr. Cara Q.- Doctor specializing in womens sexual health
Dana Griffin has been my intuitive guide for almost two years. Our weekly calls have contributed to major shifts in my prospective both personally and professionally. Her ability to listen, discern and ask powerful questions have been transformational for me. I appreciate her affirming me on my journey and kindly challenging me to reframe any limiting beliefs that I have had. I highly recommend Dana and know that she will make a lasting impact on your life and self development.
— Ramona W. - Speaker, Leadership Coach


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