60 minutes $150

A typical session begins by listening to your story, what brought you here and what changes you want to see in your life.

You are then guided you into a quiet reflective trance where we simply dialogue on what naturally arises from the state of quiet. The session continues with uncovering and discarded what no longer serves you.

It is a mystical art. A creative process that is tailored to your individual self. Being open minded and surrendering into the process brings you that much closer to answers, realizations, moments of clarity, peaceful resolution and self understanding.

All sessions are tailored to your individual needs. I always give you the option of going further into self realization by offering and strongly recommending taking actions on a daily basis to keep the channels open and bringing in more of what you want.

Sessions may include: Deep imagery. Spiritual counsel. Parts Therapy.

Energy healing

90 minutes $250

I will start by feeling your vibrational field and work on balancing it and any physical, mental, and emotional issues I notice.  For this I use sound healing and a re-patterning of your energy field, where profound shifts can occur through introducing your body to a new impulse for healing, and by releasing old patterns and blocks. I am only the conduit for Source energy, as your field recognizes this new information and knows how to heal itself.

   This is followed by the deep relaxation healing, during which you will be laying down on a chair fully clothed while I continue working with your energy field by incorporating several healing modalities like Reiki and hypnosis.

  Generally people feel rejuvenated and a sense of peace and lightness after the session is complete which will usually last up to several days, weeks or longer.
   Deep and long-term healing and recovery from illness associated with continuous Energy Healing sessions can occur.

   Most sessions after the initial one are generally 60 minutes in length unless a longer session with a specific treatment is beneficial.

“Wild Intuition” calls

30 minutes $50

These calls are about channeling information that comes from an inner knowing that I have always been able to access with a question, they are specific and I give you the “hard truth” of what will best serve you at this time. This is not a pychic reading it’s loving, gentle guidance. I call it wild because I really don’t know what Is going to surface for you.

Transformational Coaching

1 month: $1,500.00 includes two weekly calls one hypnotherapy session plus hypnosis Reprogram Recordings along with weekly guided materials.

 At the beginning of our time together you will fill out a short questionnaire. This helps me to get to know you and how I can best assist you. Each call is then uniquely tailored to your individual needs for maximum transformation. All is required is the willingness to change.