60 minutes $150

A typical session begins by listening.

You are then guided you into a quiet reflective trance where we simply dialogue on what naturally arises from the state of quiet. The session continues with uncovering and discarded what no longer serves you.

It is a mystical art. A creative process that is tailored to your individual self. Being open minded and surrendering into the process brings you that much closer to answers, realizations, moments of clarity, peaceful resolution and self understanding.

Under hypnosis, the conscious, rational part of the brain is temporarily bypassed, making the subconscious part, which influences mental and physical functions, receptive to therapy.

You are always in control, you may appear to give up control , but you are really shifting control from the concious level to another part of your self.

The brain waves associated with quiet, receptive states are called alpha waves. In alpha states, the body gradually relaxes. Hypnosis, meditation, day dreaming, being absorbed in a book or music or television, driving and arriving at your destination without recalling all the usual landmarks etc. are good examples of alpha states.

Sessions include: Deep imagery. Spiritual counsel. inner child work

Hypnotherapy offsite

Phone or Face time Session

50min. $125.00

Home sessions $250 plus Travel fee

The phone session is very much like the in person sessions. We begin by discussing the nature of your problem and what changes you would like to see. You will then be lead into a guided visualization to reprogram the sub concious patterns that continue to loop.