Holistic Hypnotherapy is about the mind, body and spirit connection. The aim is to bring awareness to our thinking, feeling and beliefs while shifting what no longer supports us.

Hypnotherapy gently guides you into alignment with a deeper part of yourself that wants you to truly thrive in your day to day life. Hypnotherapy is an alternative approach that uses your present resources and strengths to further accomplish meaningful goals. 

"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, and extraordinary quality of relaxation and this allows for an immediate softening of mental defenses which creates a desire to satisfy the newly suggested positive behavior." Gil Boyne

What I offer as a hypnotherapist is attentive guidance and support. I stay open to allow for intuition to help facilitate our session,to explore what is calling you to be more of who you are. I believe we are all worthy of love and kindness from ourselves. We begin where we are with what we have.

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“ Words go into the body. They can cause us to be well and hopeful and high energy and wondrous and funny and cheerful”

Maya Angelou