Dana Griffin was born and raised in Los Angeles,California and has been an intuitive since early childhood. Dana is ,a deep listener and a true guide, dedicated to the wellbeing of her clients. Her approach is sincere, honest, present and full of light. Awareness of the energy that surrounds us and the ability to tune into that and speak from her heart is what allows her to help others move toward healing and change. Her own spiritual wellness journey began 17 years ago, when she realized much of her life was consumed with the battle of alcohol, toxic relationships and the effects of adverse childhood experiences. Dana's deep dive into her own recovery from a helpless sate of mind, body and spirit has filled her with a deep compassion, connection and understanding.

Dana Griffin is committed to restoring her clients to balance, health and happiness through this transformational work.




These are some example of what I work on Stress, anxiety, codependency, family issues ,motivation, sobriety, addiction, health concerns, eating, cluttering ,time issues, creative blocks, learning to listen to self, breathing, grounding, meditation.   

twenty four hour cancellation policy


Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Integrative wellness and life coaching 

Reiki 1 and 2 certification

Areas of continued study:

Inner Child Work

Addiction Studies/Counselor

Parts Therapy

Chinese Medicine

Body Work