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Holistic Hypnotherapy & Life coaching rates

Please call or email me letting me know what you would like help with.


Phone: 323-371-9626

Holistic Hypnotherapy

$125/hour fifteen minutes — This session includes a calming hypnosis along with suggestions specifically spoken for you underlining whatever your needs may be at the time. Together we allow creative solutions to surface.


Integrative Wellness life coaching

Personal: $600 for one month - 4 sessions /90 minutes

Integrative wellness life coaching involves taking an honest assessment of what is working in your life and what is not working in your life and creating a powerful plan of action and change.

The process takes a holistic, mental emotional physical spiritual approach to wellness while guiding you back to balance and congruency

Integrative wellness coaching is like having a counselor, ally, and strong supporter who's first concern is your highest functioning in all areas of your life.

Using a combination of modalities designed to fit your personal needs and desires , integrative wellness life coaching makes the hard work of change both empowering and fun.


Sliding scale

Variable hourly rate — Which can be discussed if you are having financial hardship.