Dana intuitively discerns what is needed to move energy, empower and shift perspective.

Her sessions provide tools, clarity, insight, and solutions for new ways of living nd evolving into what you are here to do and be. Her unique style creates a space to let your personal truth unfold, to celebrate it, and give voice and life to it.

She is here to elevate personal standards of living to allow for spirit to manifest into the physical reality. Dana’s style is direct applied with a  loving nature

Dana has studied with metaphysical schools, gurus, healers, and teachers.

She has been trained in hypnotherapy,energy healing and Reiki. . Since completing her training, she has continued evolving through self-study and is rooted in firm discipline of meditation. Developing her own practice for over seventeen years. She has formulated and cultivated a unique way of expressing and accessing her intuition. 


Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Integrative wellness and life coaching 

Reiki 1 and 2 certification

RADT certified




Inner Child Work

Self Parenting work

Shadow work

12 step work

Chinese Medicine

Human Design